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Field Trips are a wonderful way to learn and connect to nature!

All of our field trips are designed to fit the Maine education standards and can be uniquely designed to fit all grade levels and many subjects.

Fall Options:

Basic Tour: ($3 per child, any age)
Students get to enjoy one of New England’s special treats; apples fresh from the trees. All participants will receive a ¼ peck of apples, a taste of cider, and a 10- minute farm tour.

Classic Tour: ($6 for Pre- K – 5th grade, plan for 1.5 hours)
Our young students will pick ¼ peck of apples, a taste of cider, and discover the farm and farming through hand-on activities and team building.

Adventure Tour: ($8 for 6th- 12th graders, plan for 3 hours)
Students enjoy picking a 1/4 peck of apples and a taste of cider, but then we delve a bit deeper. We explore soil and fruit health, composting, sustainability and more, with some mind boggling facts about how rich Maine’s ecology is, and some discussion about food security.

Family Tour: ($10-$22 pp.)

We also happily host mini tours and workshops for adults and families who come to our orchard. This can be a great gift for anyone who loves the outdoors and picking apples, or wants to plant a tree. We will give you an hour long personalized tour of the orchard, and answer questions about growing fruit  in Maine. Tour minimum is 2 people, and for $12 we will add on a customized delicious picnic lunch from our farm store. Kids are free, kids lunch $8.

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