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Field Trips are now offered in both the Spring and Fall!

Spring Options:

Basic Tour: ($3 per child, any age, minimum number of participants: 10)
Students can get out of the classroom and onto the farm to witness young apple trees being planted. A short tour of the farm is included as well as playground time.

Teambuilding Package: ($5 for Pre-K – 3rd grade, plan for 2 hours)
Our young students will learn about seeds and seedlings and take home their own baby plant. Each activities and play on our playground.

Teambuilding Package: ($8 for 4rth – 8th grade, plan for 3 hours)
Students coming out for this class trip will get to assist Apple Acres in planting a whole new generation of apple trees! The kids will learn about caring and protecting the young tree, the importance of working together, whether you’re a plant or animal, and have a chance to relax on the playground.

Fall Options:

Basic Tour: ($3 per child, any age)
Students get to enjoy one of New England’s special treats; apples fresh from the trees. All participants will receive a ¼ peck of apples and a 10- minute farm tour.

Classic Tour: ($6 for Pre- K – 5th grade, plan for 1.5 hours)
Our young students will pick ¼ peck of apples, discover the farm through hand-on activities, and create a nutritious and educational snack.

Adventure Tour: ($8 for 6th- 8th graders, plan for 3 hours)
For those students who have been to the farm, who have picked apples, who have pressed cider… we bring them something new! Move around the farm as a small group to answer questions and collect clues and of course, apples!

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