Introducing Harvest Box!

The new CSA: one whole meal with local ingredients.

For 2017: Apple Acres will be offering a 12 week “meal in a box” CSA, similar to online meal-delivery services, but LOCAL, with many ingredients picked the same day you receive your meal! Each Harvest Box comes with perfectly proportioned, local ingredients and a helpful recipe card, so that you can make a nutritious meal that everyone will love in under 30 minutes.

All of the recipes come as either Omnivore or Vegetarian, and are priced per person, per meal. A family of two would get 2 shares, a family with two kids would get three shares (kids usually eat 1/2 a share).

The CSA exclusively features local produce and local meat, and sources grains from local farms or distributors. Occasionally ingredients that do not grow in our region will be sourced from small, local distribution companies. Each box will feature at least one item which can be purchased in the Apple Acres farm store!

Sign up at bottom of page! 15% discount before August 1st!


$10/adult share $7 kids for vegetarian

$11/adult share $8 kids for omnivore

Add $1 per share for GLUTEN FREE

x 6 weeks (September 1st-October 6th) or x 12 weeks (September 1st-November 24th)

*Prices are comparable to online meal delivery services, and less expensive than takeout! (Plus healthier!!)

*All meals from box to table guaranteed in 45 minutes or less.

**15% discount for signing up before August 1st! 

**Wine or hard cider pairings available, or special add ons like wildflowers for the table!

Scenario #1: Family of four, omnivore plan, with two kids, twelve weeks signed up by August 1st: $387.76 or $8.07 per person per meal

Scenario #2: Family of two, gluten free vegetarian, six weeks, signed up by August 1st: $102.00 or $8.50 per person per meal

Scenario #3 Family of three, omnivore, with one kid, twelve weeks, signed up after August 1st: $360 or $10 per person per meal

Scenario #4 Family of two, omnivore, twelve weeks with weekly wildflowers and wine paring, after August 1st: $528


2017 Menu: 

Here are just a few samples of what to expect in your Harvest Box! (See photos in gallery above)

Maine crab tacos w/ chipotle lime crema, field tomato, oregano, arugula and peppercorns (veg sub: black bean & sweet potato)


Cider syrup & cherry marinated pulled pork, with baked beans, homemade apple sauce, red cabbage slaw (veg sub: portobello burger)


Poblano black bean and oat burger with homemade pesto, sweet potato fries, and local pickles, pint of ice cream


Pumpkin honeybear bisque w/ homemade crusty bread and apple pandowdy


Root vegetable latkes w/ greek yogurt and stewed apples, yellow-flint cornmeal indian pudding


Zucchini boats w/ cauliflower rice, wild mushrooms, shallots, cranberries, walnuts and goat cheese


BBQ Night: Fresh local corn w/ mexican spice blend,  bbq grilled chicken or veggie skewers, grilled peaches with mint creme fraiche


Heirloom layer salad with heirloom tomatoes, balsamic dressed mozzarella wedges, wildfire lettuce, rainbow carrots, and sunflower seeds


Special Add Ons: Thanksgiving Pie & Wine, Dark n’ Stormy or Fire Cider Cocktail, wine pairings, weekly organically managed apples.



    Add ons save you 25% off the retail price