Online Orders

The Online Store is coming soon! 

In the meantime, give us a call at 207-625-4777 to order any of our products. Here is a list of what we currently ship. Please note that this does not include the cost of shipping.

Pies–live locally? Order a Thanksgiving Pie through 11/19  here

Apple Cider Syrup-featured in the Bangor Daily News: 12.95/bottle

Apple Crackle-featured on the Rachel Ray Show! $5.95

Northern Spy Applesauce: $5.95

Apple Chips: Coming Soon!

Apple Cider Soap: $5.95

Apple Cider Candles: $7.95

Apple Butter & Cider Jelly: $4.95

Homemade Fudge: $7 for a 1/2 lb box, call us for today’s flavors!

Infusions: Infuse your booze with local ingredients in a mason jar! $10.50 each

Fire Cider: Raw vinegar and organic ingredients make a healthy tonic or dressing! $13.95

Maple Syrup: ask for available sizes, $3-$52

Raw Honey: $12.95

Hand knit apple hats: $25.00

Apple Gift Packs! (See below)

Our Online Store is coming soon!

For now give us a call to purchase any of our products, or visit us at our farm store.


APPLE GIFT PACKS: Call 207-625-4777

We are currently taking phone orders for gift packs of fresh apples. The type of apples we have available for shipping is listed below, along with the prices of the packs. We pick them the day of shipment, and they ship specialty apple shipping box so that they are kept as fresh and safe on the journey. They come in layers of 16 apples. You may choose any type ofapple, or mix them up in groups of 4!

Please note that we currently cannot ship apples to California because of their fruit laws.

16 apples … $25 + shipping

32 apples … $45 + shipping

48 apples …  $65 + shipping



Paula Reds … August 15th-September 1st

Macintosh … September 1st – October 15th

Cortland … September 1st-October 31st

Macoun …September 20th – November 1st

Golden Mac/Spencer … September 20th – October 31st

Ginger Gold  … September 20th-October 15th

Jonagold …September 20th -October 15th

Honeycrisp … September 20th – October 15th **special pricing, please ask

Northern Spy …October 1st-November 1st